Uncooked Diet (For patients suffering from Cancer and Diabetes)

This diet is recommended for people suffering from cancer and diabetes as well. This uncooked super diet consists of salads and dry fruits. It is recommended to consume the uncooked diet for more than six months to possibly reduce the risk of cancer.

Ingredients –

    1. Carrots

    2. Cucumber

    3. Sweet Potato

    4. Onion

    5. Tomato

    6. Radish

    7. Ladies Finger

    8. Any leafy vegetables

    9. Sprouts of green gram

    10. Sprouts of Bengal gram

    11. Sprouts of peanuts

    12. Chat Masala (To Taste)

    13. Coriander Leaves (For garnish)

Preparation –

  • Leach all the vegetables overnight and sprout the green gram, Bengal gram and peanuts overnight.

  • Grate these vegetables and mix it with the sprouts and chat masala.

  • Garnish the salad with coriander leaves

Note – While following the uncooked diet, in-between meals, any types of dry fruits (including dry coconuts, dry grapes and dates) or fruits can be eaten.